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Sabrina's Garden

We don’t just create BOUQUETS 

 We create EMOTIONS

Locall​y Grown , Responsibly Sourced, Small Scale ,Cut fresh , Just For YOU !


'Having a connection to the land is a medicine intended to be passed down intergenerationally, most of us have strayed away from that connection but if we place our feet and  palms in the soil we can feel our spirit remembering the connection " 

Sabrina Pilet Jones 

Welcome to Sabrina's Garden 

     We are A urban Micro Flower farming operation providing fresh locally grown flowers,herbs and products to our community. We take pride in growing our plants with organic practices and offering people a different perspective on how they can invite the beauty of flowers into their lives. 

      We offer a Seasonal C.S.A and fresh cut Bouquets During May-Nov and you can find us at a few local farm stands and pop-up shops we offer delivery within close proximity.We invite volunteers and community members that wish to get a hands on experience in the soil to help with our seasonal weekly flower production.

 In efforts to promote community wellness we offer outdoor events and services that focus on restoring the Mind Body and Spirit and reconnecting locals with the health benefits of interacting with Nature.


Invite Beauty In


     Tea Time! 

     Our teas are blended with care and  ,herbs responsibly sourced  if we don't grow it we take care to learn who does , the integrity of our products matter to us.

 Shop Tea!